About me

Hi dear reader. Thanks for popping by!  About me… well. Not much to say really*. I live in England with my amazing, loving, supportive husband. My desk job is as a legal PA, but in my heart I’m a fulltime hooker (of the yarn and crochet hook variety of course. What did you think I mean?)

I taught myself how to crochet with the help of Youtube and an easy pattern book from the local library. I grew up with people knitting, making wedding dresses and quilting but somehow none of those crafts appealed to me. Then, in August 2009 I suddenly had this crazy idea to crochet! It took 32 years for the hooky bug to bite, but it got me eventually.

*A bit more about me can be found here, and you can read interviews with me  by loveknitting.com here and by Hello Hart here.


9 thoughts on “About me”

  1. I am so impressed that you taught yourself – I do not think that I could. Well done

  2. I nominated you for 2 blog awards you can view it here

  3. Thank you for following my photo blog!

  4. I just watched THE GUARDIAN on netflix- season 2 episode 10, a sixteen year old girl was given an afghan to cover up with and all I could think of after that was, I WANT THAT PATTERN!!
    Good to know others notice afghans, etc. on tv.

  5. wow 🙂
    I’m learning on my own too 🙂
    I got interested in crochet from viewing the photos in pinterest. I wanted to learn crocheting so that i could make such stuffs too. So, I googled a lot and am learning on my own from various sites 🙂
    But I don’t have much yarn and it’s not easy to find yarnshops here in this part of India where I live. And yarn is very expensive too. So, I’m learning from the leftover yarns of my cousin sister who gave away the yarns to me when she stopped crafting.
    It’s not very hard to learn on your own. If you have got the will and interest and internet, you can learn on your own 🙂

    Natasja, you’re a living proof of this. Your blog is very inspiring. And your patterns are just awesome. My self-confidence has increased knowing that you had learnt crocheting on your own. I’m sure I’ll also be able to make such nice things in future 🙂


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