Thursday 4 August was a very big day for me. I was merrily typing away at work when I got a message asking me whether I want to be a seller on a brand spanking new website aimed at “parents who do not wish to wholly compromise on style in order to accommodate the needs and wants of their children”, called Dorothy & Theodore.

Sally and Emma (the directors of Dorothy & Theodore) found my clocks on Etsy and invited me to get in on the action. They found ME! They INVITED me!

This is just another example of the Universe playing its part in my life in such a wonderful way. You see, last week I had the idea that I want to start making baby blankets to match my clocks. The clock – and – blanky combo would look so lovely in a nursery, so my obvious target market are moms with nurseries to decorate. Lo and behold, Dorothy & Thoedore knocks on my door! How crazy and wonderful is that?! But wait, there’s more (as the man in the JML ads would say). The launch of Dorthy & Theodore will be at the Baby Show Earls Court which attracts roughly 25,000 visitors!!!! Little ‘ole me would never be able to reach so many people on my own! I haven’t even started making the blankets – they’re just an idea in my head – but yet, the perfect venue for selling them, finds me. Amazing!

I’ll be telling you more about Dortothy and Theodore in the coming weeks. The website is not live yet, and therefore my little corner of the website also not up and running, but don’t you worry I’ll be making an announcement as soon as it is!

For now, the plan of action is to make a few clocks and blankets (new idea, new design possibilities!) for Sally and Emma to display at the Baby Show in October. Now that I know what I know about children loving the bright colours of my clocks (see yesterday’s post) I just know that the blankets and clocks will be a huge hit on Dorthy & Theodore. Can you imagine how pretty a nursery would look with a clock above the crib and a matching blanket in the crib?! I can!

Oooh, I’ve just written myself into a crochet craving. What a pity I’m sitting at work – I’ll just have to rush home tonight with even more gusto than usual.

Happy hooking everyone!