I’ve listed these thirteen flower brooches in my Etsy shop over the last two days.  (These are the brooches that I took with me to the market on Sunday). Don’t they just scream Summer?!

It’s such fun making them because the yarn changes colour as I crochet and it’s really exciting to see what colour comes next.

They are 10cm diameter each so they really make an impact when you attach them to a coat, cardigan, or even just onto a t-shirt. I love wearing the brightest one I can find on a black, grey or navy outfit. When I need an extra dose of self-confidence I wear two – no-one can ignore you with two of these babies on your shoulder!

Now, for the best part! Once I get 50 subscribers to this blog, I will post a 20% discount code for brooches, to be used in my Etsy shop. That means these babies will go for £4 in stead of £5! If you haven’t already signed up to receive this blog by email, you can do so on the right hand side. The moment I get 50 subscribers, I’ll post the code, so tell your friends and other bloggers!

I’m so looking forward to posting these bright brooches all over the world!