The theme for today is “on the shelf”.

This isn’t exactly my shelf, more like my windowsill but it’s a place where I display pretty things that remind me of vacations I’ve been on.

The Savon de Marseille metal jug on the left is from a little shop in Ripley, Surrey. The glass bottles are Cherry Cola and Root Beer that we drank at a diner in New York (the cola came with the meals but I asked the waiter to rinse the bottles so that we could bring them back to the UK. Sad, I know.). The Cornish metal tins were bought at a farm stall in Cornwall, the little Kumquat liqueur bottle comes from Corfu. The other glass jar was filled with Greek honey, so that’s also from Corfu. Mini Me and Mini Hubby is from Belgium and the little boat is from a farm stall in Surrey. The Cornish Blue milk jug is my all time favourite item. I bought it the year that we bought our little house so it’s not a vacation memory, just a “I’m so blessed to be living here” reminder.

So there you have it. My shelf (window sill) of memories.