By now you probably know that I am quite a fan of colour *understatement*, especially when it comes to footwear.

I am also a fan of a good bargain, so when I went to Boots at lunchtime and saw marked down opaque tights I was thrilled. I bought four pairs of opaque tights and one pair of knee-highs. The black knee-highs are a bit too practical for my standards, but they are lovely and patterned which takes it up a notch. I especially love the Mulberry ones and just know I’ll be needing two pairs this winter. The best bit – the opaques were only 45p each (down from £4) and the knee-highs 35p (down from £1.35). Brilliant!!!!!

Now tell me how sad am I that I will unpack my lunchtime shopping to take a photo in an empty office and then do a blog entry about it?! Well, maybe not sad just very excitable and lover of the small things in life.  (At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.)