Do you remember I told you about wooden planters we had made for our lavender plants in this blog post? Well, they’re painted and in the garden! 

Hubby and I did the first coat of varnish on Friday evening and finished it off on Saturday. It’s really easy to paint on the varnish and it dries in only two hours. To fill the planters, we had to buy 8 x 75l bags of soil, 6 of grit and 6 bags of pebbles (over two trips to the nursery). That’s a lot of carrying and very heavy lifting for hubby. The poor guy was pooped by the end of it all.  Thank you so much Honey!

For extra colour (you can never have enough) we also planted daffodil bulbs in the planters! By Spring we will hopefully have masses of yellow daffodils peeking out over the blue rim. I can’t wait! For now the six lavender plants look a bit lost. They’re so small! Hopefully we’ve planted them with all the right stuff and enough love to make them grow into wonderfully luscious mounds of purple. Until then, we love looking at our blue planters.

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