Lots of people make crochet jewellery.  I had a go with amigurimi balls that I threaded through ribbon. I’ve bought crochet earrings from FR33na on Etsy. Crochet jewellery are cheap and cheerful. Right? Nope.

WhiteFly, an Etsy seller from California, takes vintage crochet and casts it in sterling silver or gold! Gold people!

When I first saw the top photo on Pinterest I thought, just like the person who originally pinned it, that it’s grey yarn, or metallic yarn at the most, stiffened with fabric stiffener and shaped into a cuff. How wrong were we?!

This item is cast from real vintage lace in Sterling Silver, then plated with a thick coating of 14K gold. Every intricate detail is evident in the metal.

It is stunning to wear, a show stopper with any outfit.
Please note I cast all my items from an actual piece of lace, I use only the highest quality vintage lace and I can only make a limited edition.

Flexible to fit all sizes, stiff to hold it’s shape. Very comfortable to wear. Fit size is a standard 7″ wrist circumference.

Available in 14K gold for $6,000. Please contact me for a listing if your interested.

Have you ever seen anything so exquisite and unique?!

If you want to know more about Whitefly, bikudesigns did an interview with her on her blog. You can read it here.

Crochet jewellery will never be the same again. Suddenly my amigurimi balls on a ribbon seems very drab.