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Post market stall greetings to all! Today was A Good Day. I sold a record breaking six brooches and a blanket!!! I know it doesn’t sound like much to you, but to me, it is. At the last market we didn’t sell anything, so things are definitely improving!

Apart from people buying, a lot of people took business cards. I even had two people taking photos so that they could show it to friends / family. It was really lovely getting such a lot of positive feedback from passers by. Ladies stopped to chat with me about crochet, french knitting (still have to Google that…), the price of yarn, one even said she was going to email me a pattern for a shawl that she has made more than a hundred of! So so so lovely!

But you know what I enjoyed the most? Seeing the smiles on people’s faces as soon as they see my table! I just love that! Even if they don’t buy, I cheered them up. Result!

Just like last time, I learned a few things which I am going to put to use for the WI Christmas Fayre in November:

  1. Baby blankets sell better than clocks;
  2. Brooches sell better than clocks;
  3. Leading on from point no. 1, I should have more blankets, including unisex colour options;
  4. Leading on from point no. 2, I should make more single colour brooches, especially ones that can be word on red coats;
  5. You can never have enough business cards;
  6. Me crocheting at the table draws more people;
  7. Children really like the clocks;
  8. The over-60’s really like the clocks;
  9. You can meet lovely fellow crafters at a market. I met Maudi of MaudiMade, who is also going to be at the WI Christmas Fayre. Maudi is a trainee book conservator and book binder. So interesting and such a lovely person! Do yourself a favour and visit her website and her shop – especially if you have filofax or prefer the dying art of writing things on paper (as opposed to clicking, typing or swiping on a smart phone or iPad).

All in all it was a very good day. The Festival was well organised and drew A LOT of people! I posted a video to the crocheTime Facebook Page if you want to see the Morris Dancers and a couple of old cars.

I also have to say a big big thank you to my lovely husband who sat patiently next to me entertaining himself watching the rugby on his iPhone, and later playing Angry Birds on his iPad. He also did the coffee & pies run for us and was just generally being a loving and supportive husband.  Love you like Rowan ♥