As sales in my Etsy shop are a bit slow, I thought I’d support fellow crafters and be a buyer on Etsy – spread the love, pay it forward, what you give is what you get and all those lovely things, right?

I’ve had two great experiences with earrings that I bought from fellow Etsy sellers in the past. I bought ruby red felt rose earrings  from bunkleberrystudios in Northern Idaho and green crochet earrings  from Fr33na in California. I love wearing them – it gives me such a thrill knowing that they were hand made and not mass-produced in a factory somewhere, and I always get compliments when I wear either one of these two pairs of earrings.

Today I bought Plexiglass turtle earrings from Dafni, a Greek lady living in Bahrain. The earrings are based on this turtle brooch,

but I like the colours of this cat brooch,

and want the earrings to look like these exotic bird earrings.

Where else but on Etsy can you have colourful inexpensive earrings custom made for you by a Greek lady living in Bahrain who will post it to a South African-born, Brit?! Small, but very colourful and creative, world indeed. I love it!