Etsy has recently launched a very handy little feature. If you have a Facebook page and an Etsy shop, you can now link the two with a handy “fLike” button on your Etsy shop Homepage. This means that whenever someone fLikes your Etsy shop, they automatically also like your Facebook page! How cool is that!

I linked the two a few minutes ago and immediately Etsy told me I have 154 likes on my Facebook page.  Brilliant!

It would be super duper nice if you, my dear blog readers, could visit my Etsy shop and fLike my shop, and thereby also fLike my Facebook page. There hasn’t been much activity in my shop recently as I’m working hard to create stock for the Christmas markets. Whatever is left over after the markets will however be put up for sale in the shop, so stock levels will increase towards the beginning of December. My Facebook page however is a bit more alive 😉

Other Etsy shop owners who read this blog should also think about linking their Etsy shop to Facebook (and/or Twitter). It’s a win-win situation!

I hope to see your name as a new like on my Facebook page, soon!