Twelve days to go to the W.I. Maple Village Christmas fare and I am done crocheting things to sell. Finito. Kaput. Oppela.

Nine fleece blankets with crochet edges, 48 granny stars (yes, 48!) and 18 of the cutest little birdies. (Of course, there will be clocks as well but I haven’t made any new ones for the market.)

I really really really enjoyed making the birdies! They are so adorable!

They start off as Pac-Man shapes…

grow a pair of eyes, a tail and two wings. Of course their tummies are filled with lots of fluffy stuffing…

and lastly I have to add a triangle of orange felt so they can chirp tweety tweet like any flock of birdies would do.

Adorable aren’t they?

I’m sure you will want to make a flock of birdies for yourself now wouldn’t you? Yeah, I knew you would 🙂 Who can resist these cuties?!

You can find Bitter Sweet’s “Birds of a Feather” pattern here. My birdies are done in Rowan Handknit Cotton, Stylecraft Cotton Classique and Drops Paris with a 3.5mm hook.  The eyes are 6mm safety eyes.

As one of my fans on Facebook said, I hope these birdies “fly off the shelves”.  Then again, they look so freakin cute on the windowsill I might have to keep a couple for myself.

Feel free to comment to this post with links to your blog, or post photos to my crocheTime Facebook page, of birdies you make. I’d love to see them!