notepad by modernmotive on Etsy

It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m already thinking of my To Do List for the weekend.

In no particular order (as the X-factor results man always says):

  1. Photograph the eight blankets and list on Etsy (I already have buyers for two!!! So happy!);
  2. Update my Ravelry notebook to include photos of the edgings I made using Edie Eckman’s Around The Corner Crochet Borders book;
  3. Write Christmas cards for friends and family living outside the UK;
  4. Start, and hopefully finish, the crochet edging on a fleece scarf for a friend. I’m meeting up with her next Saturday and would like to give it to her as a Christmas present so time is of the essence;
  5. Fix the seam of my grey work trousers*;
  6. Do the housework*;
  7. Work on the Identity Crisis blanket (only doable when hubby is not snuggled underneath it despite the inevitable half finished row and  ball of yarn hanging off the side. He really got tangled up in the yarn the other day. I had to unwind him! He says sitting under the  blanket is like getting a hug from me and he just can’t resist :-)) ;
  8. Work on my Winter Scarf
  9. Bake something nice. Don’t know what yet, but I’m in a baking mood.

*These items may will probably be deferred to next week.