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While on holiday in Santa Monica, I came across these beautiful crochet beanies in Nordstroms.  You have no idea how incredibly soft these hats are. It feels like silky rabbit hair. Honestly! After closer inspection I became intrigued by the label “Krochet Kids” and the tag line “Buy a hat change a life”.  

Now that I’m home, I finally got round to Google-ing “Krochet Kids”. What an amazing find!

Please do yourself the favour and read their story here. This may be a spoiler alert, but the Krochet Kids are three guys! Three men who know how to crochet, and in this case, start a non-profit organisation to teach women in Northern Uganda to crochet so that they can support themselves, really is something very special!

When you buy your hat you will see a label showing you who crocheted it.  You can then go to the Krochet Kids website to find out more about the lady who crocheted your hat and then send her a message to thank her!!!

By sending her a thank you note…

 You have a powerful opportunity to encourage, instill confidence, and further empower women around the globe that are rewriting their futures.

How amazing is that?!

If would like to get involved with Krochet Kids, you can do so in four ways. Read about it here.

Empowering people to rise above poverty = powerful crochet!