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In the latest Smurfs 3D movie there is a crochet afghan and a circular tablecloth in the livingroom. Have you seen? Isn’t the blanket just totally amaaaaazing?!

The blanket definitely has a distinct Babette blanket look to it. You can recreate it with the free Babette pattern on Interweave’s website.

If you don’t feel like crocheting the blanket, you can buy the blanket here. The link comes from a comment by Regina Graves, who was the set designer for the movie, on the Knit One Knit Two blog, so you know it’s the real deal.

As for the circular tablecloth, try Crocheting with Raymond’s pattern for a circular granny mandala and just keep on going until it’s the right size. To get the shabby look like in the movie, use a too big hook for your yarn, for instance a no. 6 with DK, or a no.4 with fingering, that way it will be very open and drape nicely. When you’re done crocheting the circle, add pompoms. Sarah London recently blogged about her pompoms here.

So there you have it – you can buy or recreate the blanket and you can recreate the tablecloth as used in a Smurfs movie.

Who would have thought that the Smurfs and crochet would ever be mentioned in the same sentence?!