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In an earlier post I mentioned Anthropologie to you. I said I would go have a look at their Christmas display window in Regent street and report back. Well, I did go. On the 27th of December. There was no Christmas display anymore. Just a big red “Sale” sign. Missed the boat on that one!

I did however go inside and sneekily took four photos.  A shop attendant was giving me very harsh looks so I could only sneak in four snaps.

When we were in Santa Monica in December I took some photos there as well. In the Santa Monica shop I photographed a beautiful blanket, or “Quirky Heirloom Throw” as they call it. It’s not strictly a crocheted blanket but it’s beautiful and would easily be able to recreate it in crochet. If not, buy it here.

I made a little slideshow for you of all the Anthropologie sneeky snaps. The first three photos are from the Santa Monica shop and the next four, the London shop.

Ooo, and before I forget, I also saw granny squares used as part of the shop display, and even part of the lighting installation, in Urban Outfitters in Santa Monica! Just love love love it! They’re the last two photos in the slideshow.

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The Crochet Hunter over and out 🙂