One of the three projects, no, I lie, as of this morning it’s four, that I’m working on at the moment is cushions for our livingroom using Melody Griffith’s Roses and Daisies Throw pattern.  I showed you a photo of it yesterday.

Well, the 16 rose squares are done and I’m so happy with them! They look beautiful. However, me being me, I didn’t stick to the pattern.

I added another round to the squares, using Rowan Handknit Cotton in Mist – it’s a super light grey which I love.  I didn’t want to use white as my background colour as it would be too bright for the colour scheme in our livingroom (but I do love, love, love, white as a background colour in colourful crochet cushions and blankets). I still needed a colour that would blend in nicely, be neutral, and make the flowery circles pop. Round of applause for very, very, very light grey!

But what I actually want to show you today are the three versions of the square. At the top of the photo is the square as designed by Melody. It’s very pretty as it is, but I felt I needed a wider border of Mist. So I added a round of DC (middle square). However, on my very last square, I changed my mind. 15 Squares in, I was happy with them and then on square 16 I changed my mind. Typical. 

The DC round looked a bit bulky and when laid out together all those DC borders were just a tad too much. So I unpicked all 15 squares and replaced the DC with a round of SC.





Sometimes changing your mind is a good thing. I just have to try and do it a bit earlier.