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I love this quote I saw on Pinterest the other day:

Where there’s tea, there’s hope.

I agree wholeheartedly! It’s a British thing, and it’s so true. A cuppa is my answer to any calamity. Coffee makes you buzz and edgy, but tea soothes and calms. Aaaahhhhh.

My go-to beverage when I’m crocheting, is then of course tea. Crocheting on the couch with a cup of tea works miracles! Imagine therefore my utter delight when I saw this crocheted teacup and saucer on Etsy! Isn’t it brilliant?!

Obviously it’s not made for drinking, but who cares? It’s genius and pretty and combines my two favourite things!


The maker of this beauty is whichgoose. Her Etsy shop is filled with other beautiful, whimsical items. To make this cup and saucer, I think she probably used a sugar syrup to wet the crochet and then draped it over a proper cup and saucer. I’ve tried this technique before with a fruit bowl and it works like a charm. It takes a while to dry completely and it is a bit, okay a lot, sticky but it works and it’s cheap. 

The trick is that you have to use double the amount of sugar than water. So if you want 50ml of syrup, use 50ml water and 100ml sugar. Then just bring it to the boil and drop your crochet work into the syrup until it is soaked through. Pick it up with some sort of kitchen utensil (it’s extremely hot, so be careful) and try to press out as much of the syrup as possible, before draping it over your upturned bowl/cup/whatever. To make cleaning up easier for yourself, wrap the bowl/cup/whatever in cling film before draping the wet sugary crochet over. Then just wait a few days for it to dry. Easy peasy.

Look how clever the people at Urban Outfitters are with crochet shaped bowls.
Apples may be a bit tricky to get right, but if you crochet a doilie and drape it over a bowl, it can look like this. Very effective and unique. Give it a go!

Now for a cup of tea. Ten sugars or twelve?