This is the retro red circles clock that Lynn Holland of OneIMadeEarlierToday bought from me last week. I blogged about it here.

When Lynn emailed me the photo this morning, the first thing I replied was, “Tell me more about the stunning wall hanging! I love it!” This is what Lynn replied:

I made it for my final show for my HND Textile Design course.  The inspiration came from photographs I took of windows and balconies in Italy.

I made the felt and then stitched into it. I love the vibrant colours and knew your clock would look just right next to it.

It’s beautiful Lynn and I would have given you full marks! My clock is in very good company next to it. Artsy by association.

Looking back over my life, the one thing I’m sort of sorry about is not taking Textile Art as my art subject in High School. (You may recall that I took Pottery.) I wonder if my life would have turned out differently if I had pursued a career in textiles as opposed to Legal PA? Big difference!

Then again, I didn’t pursue a career in Pottery just because I took it as a subject in High School, so I probably would have ended up where I am today, anyway.

I love the path my life has taken and I found my crafty passion eventually, so it’s all good. And thanks to the Internet, I can connect with other crafty people like Lynn and so so so many others.

Nah, no matter what subject I took or didn’t take in High School, I found My Happy Place. What a blessing!