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Here the are!!!!! The two cushions you’ve been seeing glimpses of over the last two months. It’s amazing what a difference these two colourful cushions have made to the brown couch.

Because the front and back of each one is different there are four different ways of displaying them on the couch alone!

I really can’t decide exactly where and how I want to display them. They were made for the couch, but they also look good on the chair in front of the window…

and on the storage box stools.

To recap the details of the cushions:


The flowery squares pattern is the Roses and Daisies Throw from Melody Griffiths book Crocheted Throws and Wraps. I made 16 squares for each cushion.

I used Rowan Handknit Cotton in Mist as the background colour. The flowers themselves are done in Rowan Handknit Cotton, Drops Paris and Stylecraft Cotton Classique in various bright shades.

To join the 16 squares for each front panel, as well as to join the front panel to the back panel, I used Lucy’s method, which you can find here.


Chocolate Box from Jan Eaton’s book 200 Crochet Blocks.

There are links to both the books on the right of the blog.

Hubby really loves the cushions. He even helped to choose the colour and sequence of stripes for the chocolate box squares for the back. He loves the bright turquoise, so I used it as the last round for one cushion. When it came to doing the second back, I was asked to please add more red because he really likes the bright red. So sweet! Out of the two cushions he has “called dibs”  on the one with the turquoise back.

When I have to arrange crochet pieces I always do the arranging on the coffee table. I’d arrange, walk away, come back, swap them around, walk away, make a cup of tea, come back and arrange some more. Eventually I’d declared “I’m happy” and then start crocheting the pieces together.

Well… on Friday evening I was in the kitchen after having declared “I’m happy” when Hubby walks in.

He says “I think we need to talk about the squares”, takes my hand and walks me to the coffee table.

“Those two bother me. It’s too  much green together. We have to fix it”.

Aaaaaah, bless! I gave him the biggest hug ever and we started to swap and rearrange squares until it was perfect. That’s how we spent our Friday evening. The hooker and her amazing husband.

Even though he really loves the striped stopper, the identify crisis blanket and now these two cushions he asked me to please stop making things for the house now because “I can feel my manhood slipping away”. Those were his exact words.

Our house is really very small so these bright, hard to ignore crochet items really pack a punch when you walk into a room. I totally get what he’s saying. It’s only the two of us and, well, he has to live here as well. And it’s not as if he’s unsupportive or forbids me from crocheting at all. He just knows his wife (and I think he’s seen my queue on Ravelry which might have scared him a bit.)

As he suggested, I’ll focus on cardigans and sweaters for myself or gifts for others for now. At least for the forseeable future (read: At least until next Winter when I might be able to convince him that we need a afghan to liven up the brown couch a bit more…)

Until then, we’re enjoying our lovely, bright, cheerful cushions.