Here is the second item purchased from Etsy. Remember, I told you about my three purchases here?

The package came all the way from the US of A, so I knew it had to be the magnetic bookmark from Lori A McKee.  I really love Lori’s artwork. So much in fact that this was my second order from her. The first was a perpetual calendar, like this one, that I bought in December.*

Behold my beautiful silhouette lovebirds bookmark. Even the business card is pretty! 

On the back of the business card Lori wrote a note and gave me a discount code for my next order. Yeah! 

The bookmark is brilliant. It’s pretty, practical and it can’t fall out of my book. Perfect!

Please have a look at all the other beautiful things Lori sells in her Etsy shop.  I think I’ll be using my discount code for a set of notecards or a pocket mirror. I have visions of myself sitting in the train, opening a book at the magnetic bookmark, and then checking my lippy in a matching mirror. How chic!

*I started to enter birthdays and anniversaries into my brand new calendar, in pen, only to realise I was entering January dates into December! Suddenly my Mom’s birthday fell on Christmas Day instead of 25 January. In pen!!!! I got out the Tipp-ex but I haven’t had the nerve to start again. Bad Natasja – you have a beautiful calendar just waiting to be used. Grow a spine woman…. and use a pencil.