It’s 13:00 on a Friday. That means I will be going out to lunch soon (to post a baby blanket that was bought on Folksy last night! Yeah!). It also means in 4.5 hours it will be the start of the weekend. I just love Friday evenings, don’t you? It really is my favourite day of the week. Just knowing that once I walk out of the office I have two whole days, plus an evening, of total relaxation and time to do what I really love.  Utter bliss!

Things I have planned for this weekend are:

  • This evening I will start hooking a cardigan using a Garnstudio pattern and the baby silk alpaca I raved about here. I’m excited, but also a bit scared of my venture into wearables…
  • The Tesco man is also coming round to deliver the weekly shop tonight. What a blessing online grocery shopping is!
  • Tomorrow morning three friends and I will be going for breakfast in a treehouse! Seriously. I kid you not: a proper treehouse! I will definitely be taking photos to show you.
  • Do the usual housework things
  • Do as much crochet as I can. Well, that’s not specific to this weekend. It’s kinda my motto in life.

What are your weekend plans? Whatever you plan, I think this poster by PosterPop has the right idea 🙂

Have a good one Hookers!