Last night at 20:55 I finished my first piece of wearable crochet, the Garnstudio Whispers cardigan!!! I think it’s perfect! The colour, the fit, the length, the super super softness of the yarn, the drape, everything! Yes, we had a rocky start, but I learned from it and it was so worth it.

The nitty-gritty of the cardigan is:

Pattern: Whispers by Garnstudio

Yarn: 4-ply Drops BabyAlpaca Silk in shade 6235 (grey blue) and 7402 (light see green for the edge). This yarn is a winner. No splitting, soft, light and it drapes beautifully. I will definitely use it again.

Verdict: The pattern was actually very easy to follow, despite the initial “and/or” incident. I followed the size M instructions and was able to block the pieces to the exact dimensions given in the chart.  You cannot image how happy that made me!! In the words of Hannibal Smith “I love it when a plan comes together”. If all Garnstudio patterns are like this, I’m going to hook them all!

Do you like the button? Hubby helped me with it – soft yarn over a round piece of metal is quite slippery. Manly forcefulness was needed, but the result is very feminine and suits the cardigan perfectly.

I’m so glad I promised hubby that I would stay away from crocheted homeware for a while. Forcing myself to crochet something wearable, was the best decision!

The next batch of Drops yarn is on its way for my next wearable item and I can’t wait.

Do you want to know what I’m going to hook next?

Do you?

I know you do. It’s Belle from the Rowan Holiday Crochet book.

Pretty, isn’t it?  Do you think the postman will hurry up if I tell  him this is what I want to make with the yarn he’s bring me?  I really hope he does hurry up, ’cause my fingers are itching get my hook on!