Peter Pan collars are all around the High Street these days. 

I’m drawn to them like a moth to a flame. I can’t put my finger on exactely why I like them, but I really, really do.  They’re so sweet and girly without being pink or frilly.

A Peter Pan collar is a flat, round-cornered clothing collar. It is named after the collar of the costume worn in 1905 by actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan. Since then, it has become a women’s fashion item several times, and is particularly associated with little girls’ dresses.

The collars seem to add that something extra to any top. The thing is, Peter Pan collars may go out of fashion again…. 

Luckily for me, there are wonderfully crafty people like Keysha from LaineDesign who writes crochet patterns for removable Peter Pan Collars! Genius!!!!

I bought Keysha’s pattern on Etsy for $5 and hooked the collar over the weekend while the Whispers Cardigan was drying out on the blocking board. I used DK Stylecraft Cotton Classique and a 4mm crochet hook. It was super quick and easy to do.

I really love how it turned out.



Only problem is, I don’t have many crew neck tops to wear it with.

I’ll just have to rectify that this weekend: S H O P P I N G S P R E E!