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I’m a colour lover. No doubt about it. More is more, the brighter the better, if the colour combo gives you a headache that’s good I say.

Look at my stash of cotton yarn. Need I say more?

Even in the way I dress, I just HAVE to add colour. Today for instance I didn’t want to think about what to wear (we all get those days don’t we) so I’m wearing black trousers and a black shirt…. with turquoise shoes and earrings. I just can’t help it – I need to add a bit of colour.

I do have a palette that I instinctively stick to when I buy clothes or yarn for wearables. Mostly blues, greens and purples. By now my wardrobe is so colour co-ordinated that I can go into any shop and buy what I’m naturally drawn to – cool colours like blue, green, purple – and find that it will always match at least three other items in my wardrobe so I can mix and match to my heart’s content. I really love that! If you want to get technical, that means I like to dress in a Analogous color scheme.

When it comes to choosing a colour palette for a crochet item, key to me, is contrast. Colours have to “pop”.

Almost every colour combo in the squares of this Roses and Daisies cushion “pops” against the very light grey background and against each other

As I like contrast, and I’m naturally drawn to green/blue/purple I sometimes have to use warm colours like red, pink, yellow or orange to create the contrast although those are not colours that I especially like. I especially don’t like pink so I try to use as little as possible of it in my own crochet.

However, for the granny square cushion I’m making for Lynn Holland I’ve used three shades of pink for contrast. I have to say it does work well. On it’s own pink is a no-no for me, but mixed up in a rainbow of others, it does serve its contrasting purpose.

See how the pink makes the colour next to it stand out? I just love how that works!


If you still don’t think I’m a colour lover, check out my nails. Case. And point.