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My perfect crafting day would start by waking up later than usual, but not too late. I think 8am is a good time. First drink of the day will be tea with soya milk (as usual) accompanied by a full English breakfast. All of this will be served to me whilst in bed, paging through a crochet magazine. *It’s my perfect day, so calories and fat content will not be taken into consideration today.

I’ll get dressed (wearing as much crocheted items as possible) to go to a Manor House with big garden in the countryside for a crochet get-together with fellow crafters and hookers. Of course, transport to the Manor House will have to be as effortless as possible. I’m thinking chauffeur driven car. No train or bus for me thank you!

My guests would be the ladies I’ve come to know on Facebook, WordPress and Blogger.  These virtual friends would include all my blog followers, Cornel and Christelle from South Africa, Gerlene from Ireland, Lynn from Lancashire. I’d also like to meet Lucy of Attic24, Stephanie of ObeyCrochet, Meredith of OneSheepishGirl and La of LittleMessyLa. My artist friend Tia and of course, my Mom, has to be there as well. Can you image the fun we’d all have together?

The venue would have to provide us with an unlimited supply of tea, scones, clotted cream, finger sandwiches and lots of cake.  See * above. The drinks and eats will of course be free – our mere presence in their venue is payment enough.

After a long crochet and crafting session, in keeping with the English theme, we’d all go off to the Rowan yarn factory shop (I don’t think it exists – I’ve Googled it so many times but with no success) where we’d buy lots and lots of yarn for next-to-nothing. A Rowan designer will then custom design a cardigan for each of us and give us the yarn to crochet the item, for free.

At the end of a long day of crochet fun, we’d go out for a fabulous meal and arrange to do it all again next week.

What do you think? Are you up for it? Of course you are!