It’s been a blogtastic week don’t you think? Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012 was a huge hit. I received a lot more views on my blog, new subscribers, lots of comments and best of all, I found five new blogs to follow!

It was fun having to stick to a prescribed topic and force myself to think about stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise have blogged about.

I think my favourite post to write was My Perfect Crafting Day, but I’m proudest of the Something A Bit Different GIF that Hubby and I made (he was standing on a chair taking aerial photos while I crawled around on the carpet spelling out letters in crochet hooks and clocks. Good times!)

If you liked my Something Different post, you can nominate it to receive the prize for most creative post, by using this form. Before you, first do a Google search for “KCBWDAY5” to see if there is any other blogpost you would rather nominate. You can only nominate one blogpost so choose wisely.

I’m sponsoring the second prize in the Photography Challenge so I don’t think my Photography Challenge post can be nominated, but that doesn’t stop you from nominating anyone else’s post. Do a search in Google for “KCBWDAY2” and use this nomination form.

Roll on Knitting and Crochet Blog week 2013!