These crochet decorated bus seats, is art installation by the Finnish artist, Vesanen Virpi Laukkanen. It’s called Lace Bus and is part of the OTTO shows, hosted by the Art Museum Vantaa, Finland.  On the artist’s website you can see more photos here. Virpi sourced the doilies from flea markets and second hand shops.

From what I can gather from the Google translation of the original article, the bus is used daily by commuters in Vantaa so it’s not a stationary piece of art in a museum somewhere. How cool is that?!  People’s reactions to the seats were recorded on video and showed at the Art Museum – I would love to see that video!

The objective of the project is to add color, joy and humor into the routine of people who use public transportation daily – I think they would have achieved their objective! There’s no way you could get onto this bus and not leave happy.  

Should I have a word with London Transport and get them to reupholster bus seats in crochet doilies? London would be such a happy place if everyone travelled bum-to-doilie don’t you think?