We’re off to Corfu on Wednesday for a week of sun, sea and blue skies (can not wait!)

I’m super excited and have been thinking of what to pack for a while now. Made lists, made purchases and even did some holiday wardrobe planning. (In my mind the holiday starts when you start visualising the outfits you’ll be wearing in foreign lands.)

We’re going to travel with hand luggage only, so that pesky 100ml liquids rule will apply and limit the amount of lotions & potions I can take with me. (As it is, we’ll be buying 200ml sunblock and aftersun at the airport AFTER security.)

Luckily the Marie Claire magazine people had some excellent freebies with their magazine which is perfect for hand luggage travel.

First off, I got this travel size Pantene shampoo and conditioner free with Marie Claire two months ago (yes, I was already thinking of holiday packing two months ago). The travel size is just enough for a week away.


Last month I got this lipgloss + cheek stain combo from The Body Shop also free with a Marie Claire. I love products like this that can do more than one thing, especially if you’re travelling.


Then I found a little tube of magic at Boots: Nivea Visage Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle tinted day cream with SPF 15. This means I can leave everything on the right of this photo at home and replace four tubes with one 100ml tube!! How’s that for smart holiday packing?!


All my purchases haven’t been beauty related though. Of course I’m taking crochet work with me!

As I’m travelling with hand luggage only I wanted to make sure that a non-craftloving grumpy security guard at Gatwick wouldn’t confiscate my crochet hook or embroidery scissors, so I emailed Gatwick to check what I can and cannot take with me. Here’s the reply.

Dear Mrs King

The scissors should be allowed if they are under 6cm, however this rules doesn’t stand if the blades are very shape. The Crochet hooks should be allowed, again this all depends on the size and sharpness of the hooks.

Kind regards

Jamie Moore
Customer Services

I use the Clover soft touch crochet hooks, so I know they will be absolutely fine as they are so short and stubby. Yeah!

My embroidery scissors might be small, but their blades are pointy and very sharp, so I can’t take them with me. Replacement scissors needed.

I think this one would definitely satisfy Gatwick:

Hahaha, just kidding.

I bought these baby scissors with rounded blades on eBay. Aren’t they cute? And absolutely perfect for taking through airport security?!


I think I’m ready to go: just add passport and sunglasses.