Remember the summer vest I crocheted with the vintage circa 1960 Sirdar pattern? Remember how I said the waist shaping went out in stead of in and that I hoped the yarn would soften and drape better so that it would be more flattering around the tummy area? Well. It didn’t happen.

I know myself and I know I won’t wear the vest again. There’s no point in letting good Rowan Siena go to waste so I frogged it.

I went from this –

to this –


and finally to this, in one afternoon.


In hindsight I probably should have made four or five smaller balls of yarn in stead of this huge ball. Got a bit carried away with the unravelling and winding…. Now I’m stuck with a massive ball of yarn that I have to carry around for crocheting in the train. Oops.

My replacement summer vest looks very similar to the vintage pattern summer vest. The biggest change is the waist shaping which goes in (yeah!) and the crochet stitch for the main body. The pattern I chose is Fleur, from the Rowan Holiday Crochet pattern book. (The same book that Belle is from.)

For Fleur I had to learn a new crochet stitch, which I love. It’s called the Hot Cross Bun stitch. I couldn’t find a reference to it anywhere in Google, so I think it may be a stitch thought up by the desigher, Marie Wallin, specifically for this pattern.

In the photo below, the hot cross bun stitch is the one in the unfinished row. Just below is a row of dtr3tog. I’d like to think of the dtr3tog as the buns and the X stitches as the cross on top of the bun.


(The stitches are not very defined in this photo, but I was so excited I just had to take a photo to show you. As the crochet grows I will take photos again.)

The stitch is based on (UK) double trebles so it works up very quickly. It’s also much easier than it looks. Basically it’s two half a double trebles seperated by a chain that cross each other in the middle. It really is so much fun doing. Only drawback is that I’m constantly craving hot cross buns! Hahahaha

Before I end off this post, I just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely comments and more Versatile Blogger Awards nominations on the Dusky Ta-daaah post. You guys are the best and I treasure every comment and nomination.