I’m still busy with Fleur, aka the Summer Vest Take Two.

I’m not going to lie to you: I’ve been less enthusiastic about this piece of wearable crochet. I know it’s because I’ve lost momentum after having to frog the orignal Summer Vest, but I’m pushing hooking through.  I won’t allow myself to start another piece of wearable crochet until this one is finished (wish I had this kind of self control when it comes to a tube of Pringles!)

I’m not saying Fleur isn’t pretty or that the yarn isn’t pretty or that I don’t like the pattern, not at all! It just feels a bit “this has been done before”. Well, technically it has. Thankfully Fleur is going to be so much more flattering than the first Summer Vest. I have to start with the armhole shaping of the back panel this evening, and already I can tell that Summer Vest Take Two is going to be a hit and worn a lot (British Summer permitting).

As you can see I’m hard at work.

If you want to see a bigger picture of what I have so far, and how to make the Hot Cross Bun stitch….. watch this video.

Thank you for rEAding. Watch the video. You’ll see hear what I mean 😉