Last week I did a bit of Etsy shopping… yes, I know. Again! But seriously, what I bought is just so perfect I couldn’t resist.

It all started with crocheted bows shoe clips that I saw in a treasury on Etsy’s front page, which led me to visit the Greek Etsy seller, sidirom’s shop.

I think it’s genius to make bows, especially in visa versa colours, to jazz up your pumps.

The colour scheme of grey and aqua appears a few times in sidirom’s shop. Like this reading glasses case

or this nautical inspired knot necklace

What I fell in love was, was this chain reaction necklace made up of crocheted chain links. It’s such a simple design, but the effect is so striking.

As I don’t wear any pink, I asked Mairi to custom make me one in charcoal, light grey and aqua. (I really like that about buying handmade on Etsy: you can’t go to Accessorize and say “Ooh I want that, but please replace the pink with aqua, and while you’re at it, add two shades of grey as well.”)

Two days later, this “reserved for Natasja” listing appeared in Mairi’s shop. My necklace. Absolutely perfect!!!  

On Friday my package arrived, with a hand written note from Mairi.


And today, I’m wearing my chain reaction necklace with pride. The dress I’m wearing it with is the exact same colours as my necklace. I promise you, I didn’t have this dress in mind when I placed my order. Really. I just wanted something in shades of grey with a pop of colour – I must have had the same idea when I bought the dress 3 years ago. 

Custom made crochet necklace + old dress = match made in hooky heaven.


Do yourself a favour and check out the 57 items in sidirom’s shop here. You can also follow her on Facebook here.

Thank you Mairi for making me the perfect necklace. I love it!