I’m taking part in The Making Spot’s crochet along. Have you heard about it? It sounds like so much fun. Read all about it on their blog, here.

I’m making the crochet ball bracelet. As you can see, I have everything I need, plus a bit more (more beads than I will need and a ribbon + monofilament option for stringing the balls & beads). For creative juices to flow I need to give myself options. Too much of a good thing is, on my blog at least, a very good thing.

Did you see how tiny that 1.5 mm hook is?!!! A bit daunting but hey-ho, it’s good to hook outside your comfort zone now and then. I can’t hook everything with my favourite 4 mm hook. Or can I….. if I like the bracelet I may just make another one in DK and my 4 mm hook.

Geez I haven’t even put hook to thread yet on this one and already I’m planning the next! Steady now *said in a Churchill dog voice*