On Saturday my friend Liezel and I went to the Natural History Museum in London to see three giant crocheted lions. If you don’t know what I’m on about, the lions are the creation of Shauna Richardson for the Lionheart Project, one of twelve submissions to Artist Taking the Lead as part of the London 2012’s Cultural Olympiad. They symbolise the three lions on Richard the Lionheart’s coat of arms.

Shauna Richardson is an artist known for her life-size crochet animal creations, a unique body of work she calls Crochetdermy

You can read more about Shauna here and more about the Lionheart Project here.

But enough talking, you probably want to see the lions!

All the photos were taken by Liezel. She did an amazing job, considering the lions are housed in a glass box which made for a lot of reflection from the surrounding trees, the Natural History Museum, and the photographer.  If you like Liezel’s photography, have a look at her blog. This is one talented snaphappy lady!

To appreciate the Lionheart Project, you need to get a sense of the scale:

Now you can enjoy the close-ups and beautiful crochet:

If Liezel’s photos have intrigued you to find out more about Shauna and her lions, have look at this interview. *Spoiler alert: Shauna says she used the wool of 150 sheep to crochet these three 9m long lions!*

A parting shot.

I just had to. Seriously. Wouldn’t you too?