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Raise your chopsticks crocheters, my first crochet item from a Japanese pattern is done!

I  know it’s only a scarf and that once you get the motif under the belt, it’s just a case of repeating it a hundred times – literally, so it’s probably not the fanciest, most intricate piece of Japanese crochet, but still. I’m proud of it and I think my friend will like it too.

I’ve shown you the halfway mark and some sneak peak photos but this photo really shows off the intricate lacyness to its best (hanging from a hanger, hooked onto the Ikea floor lamp. As you do.)



Doesn’t the scarf look great with the coat (hanging from the neighbour’s fence. As you do.)?


I just love a scarf that can throw shadows on your coat! To get the scarf this open and fine, you absolutely have to, have to, have to block your work. Have a look at my halfway mark blogpost and you’ll see how the scarf looked before blocking. For this scarf, blocking isn’t optional, it’s essential.



The magic of this scarf and yarn combo is that eventhough it’s super light, open and lacy it’s still nice and warm as a scarf should be. And there’s so much going on! Every motif is different. 

I think the variegated yarn really works extremely well with this scarf. The scarf in the book was done in navy and it looks great, but I think variegated yarn looks better. On the other hand, it might be that I’m just biased seeing as I really can’t imagine enjoying crocheting 100 navy motifs, but 100 uniquely different motifs, that I could do.


The nitty gritty of the Japanese scarf:

  • Pattern: Pattern no. 17 from Ondori Motif Crochet – Japanese cloth, sold as an e-book on Etsy.
  • Yarn: 4-ply variegated sock yarn by Garnstudio, called Fabel in shade 911p
  • Hook: 4 mm
  • Modifications made: The pattern calls for 6 rows of 20 motifs each, but I only did 5 rows.

I hope I’ve inspired you to also try your hook at Japanese patterns. It really isn’t that difficult. Honestly. If I can do it, anyone can! (If you need a couple of pointers, I give links to helpful websites towards the end of this blogpost.)

Konichi wa hookers!