Way back in August I blogged about The Making Spot’s crochet along and flower swap. I made a cute silver bracelet out of crocheted balls and a flower for the swap. I took part in the crochet-along as a way to challenge myself to work with super fine crochet thread and the tiny 1.5mm crochet hook it called for. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it and vowed to use the left over light grey crochet thread for more jewellery items.

I posted my flower to the headoffice for them to send on to someone else. I would then also receive someone else’s flower. The flower arrived last week along with a handwritten note from Jenny at The Making Spot and a book of Christmas themed knitting patterns. How nice is that?!

My flower, or in fact, group of three flowers, is from Jen Beaton, who is also the owner of TheOtherMrsBeaton Etsy shop and blog. Have a look at her granny square buggy blanket – it’s lovely. Jen also received my flower and says she is going to turn it into a brooch or a fridge magnet. How sweet of her.

But wait there’s more…..

Part of The Making Spot’s crochet along was a giveaway where one lucky person would receive a hamper from Anchor worth £100. Guess who that lucky person was. Me!!! I had totally forgotten about the giveaway aspect of the crochet along, so it was a huuuuge suprise when Jenny emailed to say I had won.  I guess that the gods of crochet was really impressed by my willingness to try something new, so they rewarded me with more crochet thread to play with.

The box arrived on Friday. When I got home I put my hair in a ponytail, kicked off my shoes and immediately ran for (not with) the scissors to get to my box of goodies. It felt like Christmas! Not only did I receive 26, yes 26, balls of crochet thread, but also three pattern books.


Just look at all those colours!


There’s even metalic gold and silver crochet thread.


Now for the big question. What will I be using my crochet thread for? Well… after a few hours on Ravelry and a rummage in my yarn & pattern stash, I came up with three projects.

The first will be a cover for my iPhone using Crocheterie’s free pattern.


Then I’ll be making two items from the Lacy Crochet book that my Mom gave me as birthday present a year or so ago.

The green flat basket is to be used at work for the piles of Post-it pads and bits & bobs that litter my desk.

I’ve always wanted to make a doilie but out home decor isn’t suited for doilies so I’ll use it as a covering for a miniature rose potplant I was given by Pieter & Lizelle. In a bright blue you’d never think it was a doilie!


To The Making Spot I want to say a huge thank you for hosting the flower swap, crochet-along and the giveaway. And to Anchor thank you so much for the perfect selection of crochet thread. I don’t know whether you looked at my blog before picking those colours, but boy you got it right!