Ever heard of Mumsnet? I have, but thought Mumsnet wasn’t for me seeing as, well, you know, I’m not a Mum. How wrong was I?!

For my non-UK blog readers I’m going to quote Wikipedia here for an unbiased definition of Mumsnet:

Mumsnet is Britain’s most-trafficked website for parents,hosting discussion forums where parents give and receive peer-to-peer parenting support, as well as discussing a wide range of other topics. Currently, the site receives 5.7m site visits and 40m page views each month, and 2.3m monthly unique users make over 25,000 posts each day.

So it’s big. And full of Mums (and Dads I presume) talking about parenting. See why I never gave it a second glance, not being a Mum and all?

Enter Dilly of Dilly Tante. On 5 October she blogged that was attending Mumsnet’s first blogging conference, Blogfest 2012.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if Mumsnet organizes a Blogging Festival, their members must be Big On Blogging. If my maths is correct, the community of bloggers is around 1500 strong. I found 16 blogs who specifically mention crochet in their blog description. That’s a small number of crocheters, but can you image the wealth of topics in the other 1484 Mumsnet blogs?

Dilly did her Blogfest 2012 post around the time that I saw posts about Meet The Blogger Amsterdam and  Meet The Blogger Stockholm. I remember thinking that I wish someone would arrange a blogging conference in London. I’m looking for a place to meet, talk to, and learn from fellow bloggers, without having to get on a plane to do so. Days later Dilly posted about Blogfest 2012 in London and I was sold. I immediately bought my ticket and since then the excitement level (and nerves) have been escalating.

The list of speakers at Blogfest 2012 is brilliant. The topics they will be discussing is spot on. (I signed up for Photography for bloggers, Getting published and Blog beautiful). The venue looks amazing. It seems like the perfect day for any Blogger and I cannot wait!

If any of my blog readers are attending Blogfest 2012, please contact me – I would love to meet you!