In yesterday’s blog post about the Photography for bloggers session at Blogfest 2012, I told you about Google image reverse image search. Today I’ll be explaining it further, with the help of screenshots and the third image in my Identity Crisis blanket blog post.

Each photo in a blog post has it’s own URL. You find the URL by clicking on the photo. It will open in a new window and have /*name of photo*.jpg at the end:

Right click and copy that URL.

Now go to Google Images:

Click on the camera icon. It will expand to look like this:

Paste the photo URL into the search bar and hit Search:

Et voila.  My photo appears in 124 other places on the Internet.

I hope you find this useful.

If you see that a photo from your blog has been used for the cover of a book, contact the publishers and sue the living daylights out of them. Use the payout from your copyright infringement case for lots and lots of yarn. You could even quit your day job.

You can thank me later.