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Today’s Terrific Tuesday post is going to be a bit different.

My dear, amazing husband, John, donated his kidney to a friend today.

I’m going to give you a minute to let that sentence sink in.


Okay, let me explain. Well, actually I don’t need to explain. John and Pieter started a blog shortly after John said he would like to give Pieter one of his kidneys. The blog is called twoguysonekidney.blogspot.com. It tells the whole story, from how they met (on 18 June 2012) & why John decided to donate his kidney here, how it came about that Pieter was in need of a second kidney donation here, the tests they had to undergo, all the good test results, and other events up to yesterday on the home page.

It’s been a very long, but very,very, very happy day for us all. Both men are doing well! Pieter’s surgeon’s words were “It went swimmingly. Beautiful kidney and a perfect operation” and John’s surgeon said “John’s operation went well. He is very complex on the inside.” That’s so true of John figuratively speaking, and now we know literally as well.  They were both passing urine within hours of their operations, which in kidney transplant terms is the best possible news.

We were also told this evening that John is the first person in the UK to do a “directed altruistic organ donation”. Until today if you donated an organ altruistically, you weren’t allowed to know (choose) who the organ would go to, but John and Pieter changed all of that today! When John heard, he smiled a sleepy smile and immediately said he hopes this would pave the way for more people to donate an organ to someone in need 🙂

A Terrific Tuesday indeed!