I was sent these photos by Leigh Ann, who lives in South Africa, of a huge  yarnbombed Jacaranda tree.  Leigh Ann says the tree was featured on South African TV and this photo is the article in the Tribune newspaper.

Hillcrest aids centre tree yarnbomb

Isn’t it fantastic? And best of all it’s made up of granny squares!

The tree was revealed on 1 December 2012, as part of  Hillcrest Aids Centre  World Aids Day event.

Hillcrest world aids day

The yarnbombing was the idea of Woza Moya’s art co-ordinator. Woza Moya  is an income-generation project of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust (HACT). The project’s main aim is to teach craft skills to individuals affected/infected by HIV/AIDS through the production and sale of beaded items, ceramics, wirework, crochet work and fabric painting. Ten to 15 families are supported with this project.

This is a quote from the letter written on their Facebook page:

We have so far “Yarn Bombed” a restaurant , a campus and by the end of the month we will have yarn bombed a corporate foyer. We will have a yarn bomb unit on standby for your next event that needs a splash of colour. Jess the Yarn bomb co-ordinator met with old age homes in the community, wool shops and quilting guilds, many of whom gave their support. … Our tree will be a symbol of hope for those living with HIV and a reminder for those who haven’t bought an AIDs ribbon for a long time.

I love, love, love that they have a yarn bomb unit on standby. How great is that!

In preparation for the big reveal on 1 December, they had to start sewing the grannies onto the tree on the 26th November… with the help of a crane!


This is the end result. Isn’t it amazing?!

yarnbomb tree hillcrest aids centre

Hillcrest aids centre yarnbomb tree

Public displays of craft (oooh, that’s a great way of saying Yarnbombing) can really bring communities together, raise awareness for a cause and of course bring colour and pattern to any space. Got to love it.