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It feels like forever since I last showed you a completed crochet project. I guess that’s the way when yarnbomb cravings hit, you have 58 squares to crochet and husband goes for an operation.

Fear not, I have been putting my crochet hook to good use and today I have something to show you. Five things actually.

Ta-daaaah! Behold five pairs of crochet earrings.

crochet earrings and crochet thread

Four of these are Christmas presents and one pair is for me. Seeing as the four recipients read this blog, I won’t tell you which pair is mine.  What I can tell you is how I made these earrings.

The nitty gritty of the earrings:

Yarn: The Anchor crochet thread I used for all of these, is from The Making Spot’s giveaway that I won in October.

Pattern: Dainty Dangles Crocheted Earrings by Chanteuse Crochet. There are eight crochet earring designs in the pattern, so the $2.50 is very good value for money.  I only used three of the eight designs. The pattern tells how to attach the earring hooks and also give instructions for blocking and the use of spray starch.

Hook: 1.5 mm Clover soft touch

Pair 1 – Delicate Fan Earrings, using Anchor Freccia 6 in shade 00320:

mustard crochet earrings

Pair 2 – Funky Granny Earrings, using Anchor Mercer Crochet 20 in shade 0149:

navy granny square crochet earrings

Pair 3 – Simple Circle Earrings, using Anchor Baby Soft 8 in shade 0048:

Pink crochet earrings

Pair 4 – Simple Circle Earrings, using Anchor Freccia 6 in shade 01442. These are bigger than the light pink earrings seeing as the crochet thread is thicker:

turquoise crochet earrings

Pair 5 – Simple Circle Earrings, using Anchor Freccia 6 in shade 00255. To get the earrings so big, I replaced the US dc in the pattern, with US trebles:

green crochet earring

I actually have very bad luck when it comes to earrings. For some reason I always seem to loose one. Just one. Seriously. When I get home in the evenings the first thing I do (after saying hello to hubby of course) is take off my shoes, wrist watch, rings and earrings. Many a time I only need to take off one earring. Heaven knows how you can loose an earring without knowing it. And I’m not talking only dangling earrings, studs as well!

But now that I have this pattern, and I’ve seen how quickly the earrings can be whipped up, I’m going to make myself more. If I loose one I can make its replacement within minutes!

Bring it on ye wizard of disappearing earrings. I have an crochet earring pattern and a big stash. Bring it on.

crochet earrings and crochet thread