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So last night it was Rachel, of TheLittleRoomofRachell, and I at Wool House at Somerset House. Such fun!

Honestly, it was a great couple of hours but I have to say it wasn’t all due to being surrounded by wool – it was the lovely company I had. Rachel is such a lovely person and we got on so well! You would think that with both of us being bloggers, crocheters and crafters it would be obvious that we would get on, but you never know with these things. People can so easily have a “blogging persona” and of course we make our own assumptions about people based on what we read, so it could have gone horribly wrong. But it didn’t. A Blogworld friend is now a Realworld friend too 🙂
Wool House entranceWool House entranceAs I explained in this post, Wool House is the work of the Campaign for Wool. They took over ten rooms in Somerset House and filled the rooms with all things wool. It was heavily focused on the interior decorating uses of wool which made for stunning rooms (and the most luxuriously squishy carpets to wander upon.)

Below are collages of four of rooms that stood out for me: Bedroom designed by Kit Kemp, Nursery designed by Donna Wilson, Natural Room designed by Josephine Ryan and Modern Room designed by Anne Kyyro-Quinn.

In the Modern Room, one wall is covered with Curved Laine, a three-dimensional acoustic sound absorbing panel made with 100% wool felt, designed by Anne Kyyro-Quinn. The ottomans are 100% wool felt as well.
Wool House  Modern roomThe knitted creature in the Nursery is obviously one of Donna’s own designs, as is the huge knitted cloud mobile.

Wool House NurseryI like the huge embroidered headboard in the Bedroom. It’s by Pippa Caley as is my other favourite item, the cushion.

Wool House BedroomJosephine Ryan created a room that felt like a shepherd’s cottage. Its cozy, rustic look was very different to the other rooms at Wool House. The collection of 28 paintings of sheep are by current and previous artists of the Cill Rialaig artist retreat in Ireland. The knitted vessels, which are amazing, are by Hilary Anderson-Barr.

Wool House Natural Room

Rachel and I were lucky enough to get a place to attended a talk by four of the room designers. There was only space for 60 people and I think 58 of them were “in the industry” as the lady who sat next to me, said. Rachel and I made up the crafting contingent. We felt a teeny bit out of place amongst the Who’s Who of Interior Decorating, especially when they began talking about Bholi, Turnell and Gigon, Camira, Kai Linke, Misan Fabrics and other brands / designers that are totally foreign to us. It was a good talk though, and nice to be able to put a face to the designer names.

Wool is obviously an amazing natural fibre that can be used in interiors, tailoring and crafting. For me, it’s the crafting aspect that appeals and that’s why I’m doing a separate post just on the crafting room at Wool House. No photo collages for the Craft room, just lots of big photos the way us crocheters like it.