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Intrecci Urbani, the big yarnbombing event in Genoa that I visited over the weekend, was so big I will have split up my photo posts into at least five posts! This is post five. You will find post one here, post two here, post three here and post four here.

Readers, I can’t stress enough just how big Intrecci Urbani was. There were hundreds of individual pieces of crochet and knitted decorations, ranging from tree coverings, rectangles attached to railings, pieces covering lamp posts, coverings for benches, ornaments hanging from trees, even a spiderweb and a Rastafarian. Hours and hours, meter upon meter of yarn and millions of crochet stitches must have gone into this great project.

You can read more about the idea, and people behind, the project in this blogpost.

Below is a WordPress gallery of all the colourful railings and benches.

If you click on any of the photos it will open up a slideshow of full size photos that you can click through. I don’t think the slideshow function will work if you are reading this post on email, so I suggest visiting the “real” post if you want to see full size photos.