The more I crochet, the more I want to crochet. Does this happen to you too? My head is filled with ideas, plans and projects that I so desperately want to get on with. Things like Pinterest and other crochet bloggers are not helping either! Inspiration overload!!! Did I mention Pinterest?

The best I can do is to enjoy & focus on whatever I’m currently making and make a list of all the things in my head. In true blogger fashion, I’m sharing my list with you:

  • Finish Nicole’s granny square blanket. Job done! See this post.
  • Make a silver-grey basket like this one for a lady I met at Boeresjiek. She already paid me R100, trusting that I will make and post it to her once I got back to the UK!   Job done! See this post
  • Finish the top on the front cover of this Japanese book. I started it before I left for Cape Town. There I realised I made a mistake early on so I had to undo everything and start again. I’m basically back to square stitch one. I really, really, really want to get on with it because it will be so beautiful when I finally finish it.
  • Use the roughly 30 balls (!!!!) of Vinnis yarn my Mom gave me as a “welcome back to Cape Town” gift, for a tunic style top from this Japanese book.
  • Crochet social media icons that I can use in the sidebar of the blog.   Job done! See this post.
  • Give life to a brooch idea I have for my Etsy shop. It’s one of those ideas that’s been brewing in my head for so long that I have it all worked out by now. I can see the finished product down to the tiniest details. Only one thing remains: I have to put hook to yarn.
  • Crochet a blanket for John. He had to look on as I crochet my Dad’s Atlantic Wave blanket, and now he’s seeing Nicole’s blanket take shape. He put himself in charge of quality control by testing the Snug Factor and carried out Does-It-Cover-My-Toes tests for both these blanket so he bonds with them, only to see them leave. Poor guy. “Everyone gets a blanky but me. I donated a kidney you know. Why can’t I have a blanky?”.  He has a point. I really have to make him his own blanky.

If the project is on this list, it will be hooked. In front of all my blog readers I solemnly swear to finish these seven items. Your blanky is coming John; because it’s on The List.