In the latest issue of Simply Crochet magazine, issue 7, there is an article on surface crochet. Guess who’s crochet clock was used as one of the examples for what can be done with surface crochet? Mine!!! Yeeeeeha!

Surface crochet Surface crochet clock

I’m very happy to have a mention in Simply Crochet, the go-to magazine in the UK for all things crochet.  I really love Simply Crochet magazine. Not because they noticed my crochet clocks, but for producing a monthly magazine that is informative, stimulating and filled with pages and pages of crochet. The free gifts with every issue is great too. If you haven’t subscribed yet, there is  a link on the right of the blog. There’s just something about getting home in the evening after a long day at the dull & dreary office, only to find the postman has delivered a crochet magazine right to your door. I know I can buy the magazine in the shop, but why wait a week and miss out on a suprise in the mail?

By the way, the crochet clock with surface crochet numbers is still for sale. You can find it here.