Today I can tell you about something that has been the highlight of my crocheting “career” thus far: I did a crochet demonstration at a local department store on Saturday! I didn’t want to say anything before the event as I didn’t know what to expect (or if anyone would turn up), but it went so well and people did arrive!

My “public appearance” took place at Tudor Williams in New Malden. I have a soft spot in my heart for Tudor Williams. It was there that I bought my first Pony 4 mm crochet hook and my first ball of Stylecraft Special DK on that fateful Saturday in August 2009 when I decided I wanted to learn to crochet. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that crochet would become such a big part of my life when I walked into the haberdashery department four years ago. I certainly didn’t think that I would return one day to give a demonstration on granny squares in that same department, or that the store manager, Peter, would announce my demonstration as “Our crochet queen, Natasja, will be giving a crochet demonstration…..” Hahahahaha for crochet queen! Very apt considering my surname is King 🙂


In the two hours that I was there, I taught three ladies how to crochet and chatted with another three or four customers and the haberdashery staff about crochet in general. I enjoyed every minute! I managed to be calm enough so that I could focus my mind and just be in the moment, taking my queues from the “students”. The teaching part was kinda huge for me. I’ve never taught anyone to crochet. I just told myself to take it slow and I made sure that the ladies took away a copy of my granny square photo tutorial, and photocopied pages from Simply Crochet magazine’s beginners guide on how to crochet. That way I knew that even if I messed up, or the student forgot everything I said, they will have something to refer back to. I repeated John’s supportive words “You’ve got this. Crochet is your thing.” to myself a couple of times too.

The best bit was when Tina arrived….. Tina came to the haberdashery department to buy a crochet hook for a friend, after having spent a morning in the coffee shop trying to figure out how to make a granny square. Imagine her surprise when she walks into the haberdashery department only to find me sitting there, ready to demonstrate granny squares! It was such an amazing serendipitous stroke of luck, we were both sooo happy! Tina showed me the granny square she had been working on. I pointed out the tiny mistakes and used her square to teach her further. She, and the other two ladies I had seen that morning, were extremely fast learners. When it was time for Tina to leave she actually told the cashier she thinks she is “hooked on crochet” now and that I was a great teacher. Wow! That made my day!!!

I hope Tudor Williams will have me back for more crochet demonstrations. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and it gave me a taste of what I would love to do full time.


If any of the ladies that I spoke to on Saturday is reading this, please let me know how you are getting on with your granny squares. I’d love to hear from you!