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Here is the Granny Square in Bloom pattern, as used in Liezel’s cushion that I blogged about here.

If you click on the picture, it will open as a PDF document which you can print. The PDF contains step by step photos. The pattern also appears on the Photo Tutorials tab of this blog.

granny square in bloomIf you don’t need step by step photos, here is the written pattern. I use US crochet terms*:

With colour A chain 5, slip stitch in first chain to form a ring.

Round 1: Chain 1, 8 SC in ring, slip stitch in chain. 8 SC

Round 2: Chain 1, 2 SC in each SC, slip stitch in chain. 16 SC. Fast off colour A.

Round 3: Join colour B. Chain 3 (count as DC.) *Popcorn stitch, 1 DC* Repeat from * to *. Join with slip stitch in chain. Fasten off colour B.

Round 4: Join colour C to any Popcorn stitch. Chain 1, 2 SC in same stitch. *Long SC in DC, 2 SC in Popcorn* Repeat from * to *.  Join with slip stitch in chain. 24 SC. Fasten off colour C.

Round 5: Join colour D to any Long SC. Chain 3 (count as DC). 8 DC in same stitch (9 DC shell made). *Skip 2 SC. 9 DC shell in Long SC.* Repeat from * to *. Join with slip stitch to chain. Fasten off colour D.

Round 6: Join colour E to SC of round 4. You will need to fold over the shells of round 5 in order to reach the SC of round 4. Chain 3 (count as DC). DC in same stitch. DC in next SC. *Chain 2, 2 DC, 1 DC*. Repeat from * to *. Join with slip stitch to chain.

Round 7: Chain 4 (count as DC plus 1 chain). *3 DC, 2 chain, 3DC* in chain 2 space of round 6. Corner shell made. 1 Chain. 3 DC in chain 2 space of round 6. Shell made. 1 Chain. Continue working *corner shell, 1 chain, shell, 1 chain* around in each 2 chain space of round 6. Join with slip stitch to chain.

Round 8: Continue working shells in chain 1 spaces and corner shells in chain 2 spaces around, each shell seperated by 1 chain.

I hope you enjoy making your Granny Square in Bloom squares. The pattern is in the Ravelry pattern database, so please link your projects so that I can see what you make!!

Granny square in bloom


*Shelley has translated the US crochet terms into UK / Australian terms over on her blog. You will find it here.