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Yesterday I received an email from Cade J. Campbell of Cleburne, Texas alerting me to another Roseanne style granny square afghan on a TV show:  the crochet afghan on Zena’s parents couch in Season 2 of Taxi, episode 13 Louie Meets the Folks.

I’ve never seen the TV show Taxi, but luckily I could watch Episode 13 of Season two on this website.  (A lot of website don’t want to play the clip as I am located outside of the US, but this one does.)

Most of this episode is set in the living room where the granny square afghan is thrown over the back of the couch. It really is a beautiful multi coloured granny square. It livens up the scenes with its bright mix of colours. I love it! I’m so glad Cade told me about it! Cade also very kindly sent me a couple of screenshot. Thanks Cade!

Taxi crochet afghan on couch



To recreate this granny square afghan you would need 4-round traditional granny squares in a mix of bright colours. I think the square are arranged in 9 rows of 14 squares each, so that would be a total of 126 granny squares.

The squares look quite big for 4-rounds granny squares, so I think they used a Chunky yarn.

What makes this afghan different to, for instance, the Roseanne crochet afghan is the way the squares are joined. In the Roseanne blanket the black yarn was used as the last round of each square. From what I can see the black yarn in the Taxi afghan was only used to join the squares. I think they did a slip stitch through the chain 1 space of both squares, then chained 3 and did a slip stitch through the chain 1 space of both squares again and so on. Where four squares connect, the centre looks quite dark. This would happen when there is a slip stitch in each corner shell of the four squares – the four slip stitches, seen together, will make a tiny black square.  The border for the afghan looks like a row of shells, done in dark green.

You can have a look at the Photo Tutorials tab of this blog to download a pdf document that shows you step by step how to make a multicoloured granny square.

Don’t you think it’s amazing what a difference the way you join granny squares, can make to the overall look of an afghan or blanket? The Roseanne and Taxi couch afghans are both done in traditional granny squares, both in bright colours arranged in no particular order and in both blankets the squares are framed in black – it’s just the amount of black that differs and yet the two blankets look totally different.  And this is why I love granny squares – the possibilities are endless!