Its the day before the big event and another three parcels of squares arrived. Between these three I received enough for another blanket! Can you believe it? Three strangers from England, Scotland and Berlin basically crocheted a blanket! I can’t tell you how touching that is for me. Crocheters simply are the best.

Rita said sorry for “only” sending four squares as she ran out of time. Rita, without your four squares we wouldn’t have had enough for another blanket. Each square counts, so thank you very much.

Rita collage

These eight squares sent by Linda, they are the first crocheted squares she has ever made. As in, ever! She only learned to crochet on 9 October. I was amazed that she would say in her note to me, that she didn’t like the look of them. What!? Even for an expert crocheter, these are great. Well done Linda. I am proud to include these in the blankets.

LIndapol collage

Carina, who blogs over on haekelmonster, sent me a box of 34 squares from Berlin, Germany! Carina was afraid they wouldn’t arrive in time, but they did and each square is so perfectly made. Thank you so much Carina!

haekelmonster collage

While I was typing this post FedEx rang the doorbell with this delivery. 68 Squares sent by Jennifer Lewis and Carol Cicotelli from the USA. I was so excited I didn’t even photograph the squares on a white background. I’m totally blown away by their generosity. 68 Squares are almost one and a half blanket, and they took the trouble to send it by courier so that it would arrive in time. I honestly have no words.

carol and jennifer collage

The total square count is now 50 cotton squares and 232 acrylic squares making the grand total 282 squares! And that’s without the squares from the people who will be attending tomorrow’s event! We will definitely be able to give six people a blanket each, maybe even seven. Wow, wow, wow.

I am now officially more excited than nervous about tomorrow 🙂