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Today is the day people! John is delivering five of the seven blankets to the dialysis unit of the Royal London Hospital. Do you know what today also is? It’s the one year anniversary of the kidney transplant operation that took place at the Royal London Hospital! John will be at the hospital for his post-transplant one year check-up. What better day to hand over blankets of hope to those suffering from kidney failure?!

It was a bit of a rush to get a decent amount of blankets finished, but we did it. Jane, Tammy and Liz  each took a bunch of squares home on the 9th of November and crocheted them together. Thank you so much ladies, you really saved the day!

Please excuse the badly lit photos below. I didn’t get time over the weekend to photograph the photos properly. I rolled and tied up the blankets with purple ribbons last night after dinner and John  set off to the hospital at 9 am, so this is probably the only proper photos we will get off the blankets.

I made these A5 laminate cards for each blanket:

Blanket tag

I felt we needed to give the recipient of the blankets the history behind their blanket. Without the context of who made it, where they live, when it was made and why we made for them, it could just as well be a shop bought Primark blanket. The tag also includes the care instructions.

It feels strange that this project is coming to an end. I still have two blankets to join up which I will post to the Royal London Hospital, but today is the special day that we’ve all been aiming for –  handing over of the blankets to those who need it most. I can’t wait to hear from John how it went. We don’t know how the blankets will be handed out or who decides who gets a blanket and who doesn’t. Hopefully John will be able to take some photos. I will keep you posted, or you can go over to twoguysonekidney.blogspot.co.uk a bit later today to read John’s post about today.

To each and every one of you who made a square, posted it to me, showed up at the village hall on the 9th November and most of all for just being such a great buns of people


I’d also like to take the opportunity to tell you that……

we’ll be making more blankets!!! This has been such a brilliant team effort I want to do it again! I have a few things lined up for the next two weeks that will keep me busy, but before Christmas I promise to let you in on my plans. I can tell you that we will be voting, we won’t be doing squares and it will be a good stash busting project.

Oooh, the suspense!

Watch this space hookers!