‘Tis the season of christmas crafts and fairs, and I’m on board. I’m selling my fantastic cotton DK yarn at two Christmas fairs in Thames Ditton, less than a week apart!

Christmas fairs

Come on over to the Thames Ditton Crafters stalls at the Thames Ditton High Street Fair, and to our Christmas Fair in the library to ooh and aaah at the beautiful colours of my cotton yarn, to stroke it, to squeeze it, to hold it up to your cheek, imagine what you can create with it, play with the colour combination or just come and say hi.

Might I just add that I have no white yarn to sell since *cough cough* a lady from Texas bought 33 balls of yarn, including all the white! I am officially out of stock of white. It’s not good to be out of stock, but it’s great to say that someone bought so much of what you sell, that you are. Whoo-hoo!!!

The sale happened on Wednesday evening while John, Pieter, Lizelle and I were celebrating the one year anniversary of the kidney transplant, which was of course also the day John handed out the crocheted blankets. Coincidence? I think not! What goes around, comes around.

I’m sure that everyone who took part in our charity project would have noticed something good happening to them around the time of crocheting the squares or  when you were reading about it on the blog and felt happy for those who received the blankets. Did you experience this? Did something good happen to you? I’m sure it did. What you give, is what you get, so if you give good things and good thoughts, you receive good things and blessings. Easy 🙂